Swimming pool roofing

Own in-house swimming pool in the back garden is recently a dream that is coming true for more and more people. Due to Polish climate, i.e. a short swimming pool usage period, the swimming pool roofing is surely worth considering. Using the water surface covering system allows lowering the heating costs though effective usage of the sun energy, decreasing the amout of chemicals used and the amount of pollutants falling to the water. The security of our little inmates i.e. children and animals is also worth taking into account.



External appearance:

In classical and streamline shape. The roofing is telescopic and sliding, when open can be used as an open swimming pool, and when closed, as a roofed swimming pool. It allows to fully use the swimming pool, regardless the weather conditions.


External appearance:

Original and functional. The construction consists of telescopically moved elements joined with the raised module. It creates an additional space for relaxing and looking at the surrounding


External appearance:

Comfortable and spacious. A sliding construction consisting of archway elements, leaning over a vertical wall creates a specious hall around the swimming pool and increasing the comfort for the users. On sunny days it allows to enjoy the advantages of an open swimming pool and a chance to facilities usage in bad weather.

The construction:

The construction of GRACJA SUN, GRACJA SUNRISE and GRACJA KOMFORT swimming pool roofing is made of anodic aluminium profiles filled with polycarbonate boards. Archway spans open telescopically can be easily and quickly moved along special aluminium slide ways (tracks) fixed to the ground. The filling is manufactured from UV protected chamber polycarbonate.

Additionally, there is an option of roofing the swimming pool with plastic imitation of natural glass.


External appearance:

Smart and stylish roofing. A characteristic attractive profile created a shape distinguishable from the surrounding by it’s archway shape. All elements are fully glazed which allows to observe the surrounding from the inside of the pool and the inside from the outside of the pool. Due to the original design and perfect appearance this type of roofing is recommended in all conditions.

The construction:

The construction of the GRACJA EXCLUSIVE roofing consists of wooden archway elements. Transparent glazing created mobile opened modules (up and down). The side walls glazing is made of a material imitating natural glass, with sliding doors and finished with effective dome-like elements. Slide ways system allows to place the glazing on desired height, and making it possible to move around the pool area.

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