Winter garden Classic

External appearance:

CLASSIC winter garden resembles a classical glass palace. A rectangle construction, fitted to the specifics of the main building block, relating to the sophisticated and personal needs of the inhabitants by its functionality. Such adjacent conservatory adds new quality the lifestyle, luxury to the space and healthy climate for the inmates and the plants.

The Construction:

GRACJA-CLASSIC winter garden system is made of bonded timber beams and piles made of local wood. These elements are visible from the interior of the garden. On the outside the roof beams are sealed with rubbers and aluminium profiles. As a standard, the roof slope of the winter garden’s roof is covered with joint, low-emission and safe glass, and the side walls surfaces are filled with low-emission joint glass. Depending on the usage purpose of the construction we offer winter gardens with quenched, secure or anti- burglary. When locating the winter garden is a sunny spot, we suggest filling the roof and the side walls with reflexive windows. The window frames and the doors can be made as single- or double-doors, ajar- sliding or folded-sliding. These solutions allow ventilation of the winter garden by opening the windows and doors. Additionally, there is an option of manufacturing the garden’s construction from merantii wood.

Functional aspects:

  • Enlarging the functional space of the building;
  • Improving the energy balance in the building;
  • Creating an exceptional atmosphere a house garden;
  • Raising the living standard;
  • An effective building insulation;
  • Secures the existing terraces and balconies from leaking;
  • A GRACJA-CLASSIC winter garden system is often used for other building types: facades, skylights, loggias and windbreakers.

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