Winter garden Prestige

External appearance:

GRACJA-PRESTIGE winter garden system is a glass house with a harmonious and archway shape. It gives the surrounding an attractive look and creates a cosy and warm atmosphere for the inmates. Furnished with a style and filled with plants it becomes the favourite part of the house, a romantic place for meetings and relaxing after a hard day’s work.

The Construction:

A light construction of GRACJA-PRESTIGE winter garden on the inside is made of archways of joist wood. The solution give an image of naturalness and cosiness, offering a good insulation eliminates the effect of water condensation on the wooden construction. Aluminium slides are installed on the surface of the archway elements, insulating the wood from the influence of weather and allowing for sliding glazing. The filling of the archway elements of the winter garden is made of a plastic imitating the glass, a material that is colourless and transparent, with optical characteristics similar to natural glass. A characteristic feature of GRACJA-PRESTIGE winter garden is a possibility to fit the sliding glazing in various positions which allows for full or partial opening of the roof. Moving the glass elements /up and down/ gives many variations: By lowering the top elements (of the roof) we can achieve a fully opened roof allowing for sun baths and protecting from the wind. By raising the lower elements (the walls), from a closed construction we leave only the roofing making the side elements function as doors to the remaining part of the balcony, terrace or the garden.


  • Making the architecture of the building more attractive;
  • Raising the living standard;
  • An effective insulation of the building;
  • Enlarging the functional space of the building;
  • Creates a cosy atmosphere of a house garden;
  • Protects the existing terraces and balconies from leaking;
  • GRACJA-PRESTIGE winter garden system is often used for other building types: facades, skylights, loggias and windbreakers

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