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Welcome to our web-page. We hope that it will allow you to learn more about GRACJA business activities and products, distinguishing us from on the Polish market from other companies offering winter gardens and swimming pool roofings. We also hope that the information included on the web-page will facilitate you to make an informed decision on the choice from our product offer, which will surely fulfill your requirements and expectations.

Advantages of winter gardens

Winter gardens, glazed terraces and glasshouses are recently gaining in popularity. A winter garden, a green room, is not only the most attractive way to enlarge and insulate the building but also raises the standard and style of our living. Regardless of the weather, it creates an image of direct contact with the nature and the surrounding. GRACJA Sp. Z O.O. – a pioneer on the winter garden and pool roofing market, and currently a leader in manufacturing winter gardens and swimming pool roofings in Poland, has been on the market since 1995. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on the complex client service, i.e. designing, technical advisory, manufacturing, installation and post-installation service of the winter gardens and swimming pool roofings. 23 years of the company’s existence has been a time of dynamic development. Thanks to modern technology, highly qualified professionals, carefully selected stock and materials following all our material requirements, we manufacture winter gardens, glass houses and roofings for swimming pool at highest international standards. Constance care for raising the quality of our products and the standards of our clients’ service has resulted in achieving the nomination to the TERAZ POLSKA 2005 award in the XV edition of the competition. We are also proud to hold a certificate of “A Trustworthy Partner” programme, which proves the attention we pay to the principles of business honesty and responsibility in the company’s development strategy and company image creation.

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Our main goal is our clients’ satisfaction from the purchase and usage of the object we manufacture and fit. A proof for the trust that we have been given is an extensive gallery of various and original solutions we have designed and performed throughout the whole of Poland and abroad. We aim at fulfilling the needs and expectations of even the most sophisticated tastes of our clients. The experience and knowledge that we have gained is a guarantee of quality and reliability. We make sure that GRACJA brand becomes a synonym of perfection. We are also proud to inform you that the project “Modernization of the Mechanical Park for Increasing the Competitiveness and Health and Safety Conditions” has been co-funded by the European Union thorough the European Regional Development Fund. Company Management Board Gracja – winter gardens, swimming pools roofings

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